Team Sports

Team Sports Uniforms

The team’s roster has been filled and it’s time to gear up. Red Alert can get those team jerseys ready for action. Whether it’s jerseys, ponchos, stadium cushions, or fan gear, we’re ready to “get the lead out!” and make that team gear happen.

Ways to keep costs lower for team gear.

  • Use regular T-shirts for your team jerseys. They are less expensive than other types of sports shirts.
  • Get parents, friends, and fans to order team jerseys as well. That way you can get higher quantity discounts on them. You may be able to charge them a little more for their fan gear to help subsidize the team wear.
  • Try to gang your order up with other teams on the league. If more than one set of uniforms gets an identical print, both teams can reap the benefits of ganged orders. For example, if you use the same ink colors and player numbers you save money.
  • Get sponsors for your teams. They can help pay for some of the uniform costs.
  • If you can’t get a sponsor, but you know of a company that needs T-shirts or uniforms, get them to order from Red Alert! We’ll credit your team 10% of their order invoice toward your uniform purchase! We’ll even let you add ‘em up. Call us for details.

What we need to know to quote you.

Typically, team sports uniforms require short run screen printing capability. We at Red Alert can handle that. Let us know what kind of uniforms you are looking for, and we’ll be happy to write you a custom quote. Let us know all the specifications:

  • Type of garment you’d like to use. Some teams use regular T-shirts to keep their costs down, and others use more traditional jerseys.
  • The printing specifications for the uniforms including the number of prints per uniform, the number of colors per print, and any special cases.
  • How many teams will be ganged together.
  • How many items per team?
  • Will there be other garments made for non-team members?
  • Will you be needing fill-ins after the initial run?
  • What are the production time frames?

Names and Numbers

You can add players individual names to a uniform for $6.00 per name. (2″ tall)
You can add player numbers for $4.00 (1-color).
Numbers are available in 4″, 6”, 8” and 10″ tall.

Ample time

Please leave as much time as possible to get your team uniforms completed. Because there is usually a lot more customization per uniform, it can take longer to get your team’s gear ready. We’ll be happy to work as fast and diligently as possible. Get the ball rolling as early in the game as you can!

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