Custom T-shirts for the Church

Your event/mission is coming up, and you need T-shirts. You need a vendor who delivers the correct product in a timely fashion at a reasonable price. You have too many items on your check list, so you are looking for a vendor who “gets it.” We are here to help!

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We’ll send you a mockup, print your T-shirts, ship them to you, and email you a tracking number.

You’ll open the box and smile!

We do T-shirts for a number of churches and outreach programs and will be happy to provide references.

We can help you narrow the scope.

You want to work diligently and have elements of your project fall into place. Getting answers now can mean the difference between making important decisions and finding yourself in a panic.

Tell us what you’re sure of, and let us help you fill in the blanks.

Got a Red Alert?

If this is an emergency, then time is of the essence! Give us a call at 813-931-5676 and let’s get moving!