You can use T-shirts to help raise money!

A huge variety businesses use T-shirts to help subsidize them. From bands and webcomics to school clubs and religious organizations, T-shirts are part of the revenue equation. T-shirts are most likely an excellent way to raise funds for your cause or event. You can get custom T-shirts fairly cheaply or for free if you sell logo space on the back of them. You can sell the T-shirts to generate revenue. It is completely reasonable to sell event T-shirts for $15, and most people expect to pay at least that and probably more for a T-shirt.

You may even get your fundraising t-shirts at no cost to you.

If you know of a company that needs our services, refer them to us and get a 10% credit of their first invoice toward your fundraising order. If you refer more than one, then you can add those credits up. Call us for details!

The Plan.

  • Plan on getting between 6 and 12 sponsors.
  • Sponsors pay for the T-shirts and get their logo on the back in appreciation for their donation.
  • The most common donation amount we hear is $200 – $250 for a listing on the back of the shirt. For larger donors you might offer them a larger logo amongst the smaller contributors.
  • Some groups sell the T-shirts and others include them with a registration fee for members/attendees depending on the structure of the event (if there is an event).
  • Once you’ve gotten the sponsor roster, send us the list of who will be sending their logos. Please include the event name, and your name and contact information, including a phone number.
  • Tell the sponsors to send their logos to us (, and put the name of the fundraiser in the title along with their name and phone contact information.
  • Please allow ample time for sponsors to send in their logos and production time for the T-shirts as well. 5-8 weeks is a good minimum to consider from the date you want the shirts in hand –not the date of the event.
  • It’s a good idea (when ordering) to get enough T-shirts so that each sponsor gets one as a “thank you” for contributing.

Specific Guidelines for Your Sponsors Sending Art.

(You are welcome to copy/paste the below text to your sponsors.)

Assuming the T-shirt is going to be white, and the ink will be black on the back.

  • Be sure your logo is designed in the number of colors allotted for the backs of the T-shirts. Unless otherwise specified, assume 1 color, black ink.
  • The size of the logos will most likely not exceed 4” on any of the dimensions.
  • Art should be in black and white unless you are paying extra to add more colors.
  • No type should be less than 11 pt.
  • No line should be thinner than 1 pt.
  • Small knockout text is not recommended, as it may be rendered illegible. In regular English that means no small white (shirt colored) text in a large field of black ink.
  • Knockout lines should be no thinner than 3 pt (In this case, knockout line would be lines that appear white in a black field.)
  • Acceptable file formats are Illustrator CS, CorelDraw 11, Photoshop 7, tif, jpg, gif, eps, png, bmp, or pdf. PDF is the preferred format.
  • If your logo is in vector (Illustrator CS or CorelDraw 11) please be sure to convert all fonts to outlines or send them as well.
  • If you are not sending vector files, please be sure the files are *created *at a minimum of 4” along the largest dimension and 300 dpi. Please do not try to resize smaller files to meet the standard, as that will not maintain clean lines.
  • Please do not antialias text, as that does not work for purposes of film separations.
  • Most graphics on your web page are too low resolution to work for our purposes. Please check with your graphics department and send them these guidelines.
  • Please email your graphics to and put the name of the fundraiser in the subject line. Please also list your contact information and your most accessible phone number.

The structure of a fundraiser T-shirt

  • The design on the front should match (as much as feasible) the literature of the event or the general creative of the drive.
  • Put the event details and sponsor logos on back. If there are dates, consider listing them, as they can make the T-shirt more desirable.
  • Consider adding a web address where more details can be found about the event and the organization running the show.

Keeping Fundraiser T-shirts Inexpensive

  • White T-shirts are the cheapest.
  • Keep the front logo down to 2 – 3 colors.
  • Make the back 1 color (preferably black ink)
  • Volume purchases keep your cost per unit low. The more you buy, the cheaper they are per unit.

Some common Quotes, or Get a specific price quote now!

For white 100% Cotton Heavyweight Gildan 5.4oz T-shirts with a 2-color logo on the front and the sponsor logos and event details on the back in black ink:

  • 72 units @ $4.68 each
  • 144 units @ $4.33 each
  • 288 units @ $3.65 each
  • 500 units @ $3.28 each

If you are tax exempt, please have your certificate handy.

Let’s start the process with your project!