Custom T-shirts without a Headache

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If you're like most of our customers, this isn't the first time you've needed custom Tshirts. You've probably ordered elsewhere before, and the only excitement you're looking for now is opening that box and finding exactly what you hoped for: Tshirts done the way you wanted and delivered on time. You probably feel that if you could just find a screen printer who would live up to their promises, you'd stop shopping and go about the business that really needs your attention. This time you don't have to cross your fingers. From now on you can rest assured

We screen print your T-shirts in our Tampa warehouse located near the Tampa International Airport and the Veterans Expressway. While we ship to many customers throughout the United States, we are very happy to deliver to local businesses in the Tampa / St. Petersburg / Clearwater area.

We imprint uniforms and gear for major uniform companies, franchises, and advertising agencies alike.

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Common time frames

  • Red Alert Service 24 hours or less: We drop everything and get to work on your project until it is complete. Check with us for availability and pricing. We may already have a Red Alert in the que.
  • Emergency Service: 48 hours. Check with us for availability.
  • Quick Service: 3 business days turnaround. Check with us for availability. We do not charge extra if possible. Just ask.
  • Standard time to complete a project: 5-10 business days. If you have a deadline, please let us know, so we can guarantee your ship date.

Factors to keep expenses lower, decrease production time, and to help ensure your goals.

  • Choose products of standard sizes, types, colors, or brands, and be ready for substitutions.
  • Be flexible on the blank goods. Sometimes certain colors or sizes may be unavailable on-the-fly.
  • Use white or light colored garments if possible. Darks increase costs and production time.
  • Keep the printing on all of your garments the same: same colored garments, same imprints, same ink colors, etc.
  • Have your artwork and logos as close to ready as possible. The very most ready art is an exact repeat of a previous job with us.
  • Keep the number of colors in your prints as close to 1 as possible, and as few print locations as you can as well.
  • Have your graphics use spot colors.
  • Uncomplicate graphics. The simplest is plain type in black ink. Very complicated is many distinct objects with flashy effects, gradations in your design, special inks, many colors, PMS ink matches, tiny type, thin line work, prints that cross over seams, and graphics that don’t fit inside an 11″ x 11″ frame to name a few.
  • Provide your art ready for use –if you can. Have your artist be available by phone and email during and after hours until your project is complete.
  • If you need special fonts (typefaces) in your design, have the fonts available and know their names.
  • Be decisive and specific about your needs. Know which aspects of the project are more important than others.
  • Have a project manager who is always available via telephone and email. Rush jobs are often done after hours. Our printers will work through the night if thats what it takes. Your project manager must be available for late-night phone calls until the project is complete. They must also have decision-making authority. No matter how important we treat your project, your choice for project manager can ensure success or failure.

**Our Guarantee: We will ship rush orders on the common carrier as promised or your order is FREE. We reserve the right to upgrade your shipping speed at no additional cost to you. Once the carrier has the package, we have met our guarantee. Your project manager must be available for communication at all times during the rush period.

Hit the ground running.

Sometimes minutes mean the difference between the possible and the impossible. It’s unhappy times when a client has run the clock down so far that it is just not possible for us to help. If you have less than 10 business days to complete your project and get your merchandise in hand, the time for decisions is now. For one thing, we may need to ship your products in from out-of-state before we can start printing. If you are not local, your products may need to be shipped out to you. Transit takes time.

Call Us Immediately. 813-931-5676

Also, email us a jpeg or thumbnail of the graphics for your project, and a detailed description of all the aspects of the job. Don’t forget to include your contact information.